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Turmeric Ganesha by Angadi of Spices

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Ganesha Habba / Ganesha Chaturthi is just a week away and we are here to slightly nudge you to make Ganesha idol at home!

The main reason for this article is to support the concept of pollution free festivities and the "1 Million Turmeric Ganesha" campaign by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. Scroll till the end of the article to participate in the drive and win prizes.

There are numerous ways to make the Ganesha idols at home, but we being a spices company want to bring your attention to turmeric Ganesha. 

The concept of Turmeric Ganesha is gaining more importance as the main agent of this is to prevent the pollution of lakes and other water bodies in our surrounding.

The basic version is very easy to make at home with only two ingredients!

  1. Turmeric Powder  - 1 Cup
  2. Maida (All-purpose flour)  or Wheat flour - 1 Cup


How to - This is the basic method even though there are other ways: 

  • Mix turmeric powder and maida with water and make a stiff dough,
  • Divide it into balls & then arrange them in the shape of Lord Ganesha.
  • Use a toothpick to carve out the features of the lord.
  • Decorate with water colours.

Look for videos on YouTube for instructions on how to sculpt the idol.

After the festival ends, you can immerse the idol in a container filled with water (AT HOME!) and there by contributing towards pollution free environment. It is a great feel!

Major benefit of making Ganesha using turmeric powder is directly linked to the water bodies in and around our city. Immersing the idols made of plaster-of-paris and other harmful products will pollute the lake and it affects the water creatures living in them.

Turmeric is considered as anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, antiviral and it also has a cultural relevance in our Indian society! 

Few benefits of Ganesha idol made at home is

  • Eco friendly
  • Health-friendly
  • Extremely Hygienic and cost effective
  • A great activity for children at home

Spread positive vibe. Celebrate this festival with happiness.

The Ganesha shown in the picture is made using our own turmeric powder. 

You can find the most amazing Alleppey Turmeric Powder on our website. 

Specialty - This turmeric is brought from Kerala & in particular from a very selected farmers who follow organic cultivation methods to grow this grade of turmeric rhizomes. Freshly powdered to give a great cooking experience. Our turmeric powder is tested in the laboratory and is free of any additives and added colour.  It is very nutritious as it has a rich curcumin content because of the soil quality of the place and the environment where it grows. 

To participate in the campaign "1 Million Turmeric Ganesha" and win prices, click here to get to the campaign page or click on the link below

Contact us if you have any more ideas and want to share the pictures of your Ganesha with us.

We feel that you would want to know more about our turmeric powder and so we are listing few more article links for you as below





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  • jayesh on

    Thanks for sharing this article. its very helpfull information. Holistic Curcumin with Piperine tablets contains rich curcumin and piperine which acts as an antioxidant and has an excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
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  • akanksha on

    Hi Angadi of Spices. Stumbled upon this on google. I loved your blog and loved the concept of turmeric Ganesha. I am going to give it a try.

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