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What tastes best with turmeric?

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Turmeric has made itself useful internationally and has been on the menu of the famous coffee chain StarBucks for a few years! 

Even though it has been used forever in the Indian households, it has now gained the popularity of being in the eyes of an elite group who would never have thought of including it in their everyday diet. Turmeric is suddenly a Cool-Spice, you know what I mean right?

It is suddenly everywhere. Demand has gone through the roof and people who were not regular users of Turmeric wants to know how to use this and what tastes good with it. Read the complete article to know all the categories of the recipes in which you can add the Turmeric. 

We have also given a link at the end to buy this amazing spice in its purest form

What tastes best with Turmeric


Since the turmeric has a subtle flavour and a familiar yellow colour, adding a pinch of it in any dish would not alter the taste drastically and you would end up eating a healthy version of whatever would love to eat.

If you are an Indian, then you would not require any reason not to add this wonderful spice to any dish you make at home. 

I would add it to Upma, Flavoured rice, Pulav, Biryani, Parathas, Subzis, Curries, Scrambled egg, Milk, Tofu, Paneer. I can go on and on

Since it is now an internationally known spice, thanks to the pandemic, we thought of listing few of the ways turmeric can be included in the food we intake. 

It has to be fun eating this and not some healthy eating ingredient which robs the pleasure of taste.

If your cooking style is not so Indian, even then you can use them in varieties recipes as per your cooking style.

Few of the ways in which this spice can be used are listed as below

International Recipes using Turmeric

  1. While shallow frying vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and greens etc
  2. Add it to the Savory rice recipes like pilaf or plain steamed rice for that matter
  3. Use a pinch of the turmeric while making soups
  4. Make your tea flavourful by adding a pinch of it while the tea is brewing along with ginger. 
  5. Blend it into any smoothies you would like
  6. Add turmeric to any of your muffin mixes like that of pumpkin, banana etc 
  7. Add it to the sauces, dips etc
  8. Any of your non-vegetarian recipes which requires a bit of colour, flavour and taste
  9. Add it to your favorite egg recipes like scrambled eggs, fried eggs or omelet
  10.  Add it while baking cake, cookies etc
  11. Add it while making Ice Creams

There are thousands of recipes which can be prepared using this spice. StartBucks Coffee, the famous coffee chain also has the immunity boosting beverage by the name The Honey Turmeric Latte, which is a combination of turmeric powder, espresso and honey. 

Turmeric is best had when it is paired with other spices like pepper, cinnamon, ginger and herbs.

If you have any other recipes you have used and is not shared here then we would like to hear it from you. 

Mostly people buy turmeric from the supermarket shelves, where the curcumin content is mostly extracted from them leaving just the powder which is deprived of all the benefits the turmeric has to offer.

We at Angadi of Spices we make sure great quality spices reach you with minimum effort from your side. The turmeric is procured from the farms which follow organic farming practices.

You can now buy our Pure, Farm Fresh, Unadulterated Alleppey Turmeric Powder here

We guarantee you that you will never go back to buying turmeric again from the supermarket.

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