4 steps to check if the Spices in your Spice Cabinet is up to date

fresh spices spice cabinet up to date

The point is, spices are not the types which can go stale like other food products. But over a period of time, it loses its flavour, potency, aroma, colour and the effectiveness of its bioactive compound. Having said that, it is very unlikely that consuming those expired spices will make you sick.

So, there is an assumption that the spices will stay forever, but that is true. When you are consuming spices for health and culinary reasons, it becomes important that we give the body the necessary health benefits which these spices offer. If it is not for this reason, then consuming spices solely for the purpose of taste would not be enough. 

Spices can offer all their best when they are used fresh. So it becomes important for you to buy and use the spices as and when it is required so that you can gain all the benefits.

It becomes our responsibility towards ourselves to feed our body with quality ingredients. So, always go back to your spices and check if the spice cabinet is up to date.

Below are the 4 simple steps to check which spices to keep and which ones to throw from your cabinet.

  1. First check the expiration date on the pack 
  2. Use your EYES: Check for the discoloration of the spices. Is the spice vibrant or faded in colour can give you pretty much great idea if you should keep the spice
  3. Use your NOSE: Are they full of flavour? Or You have to sniff hard to find the scent of the spice? If yes, then it's time to throw the spice away
  4. Use your Touch: When you touch the spice is it crumbling away easily? Then it is time to throw them away. 

4 steps to check if your spice cabinet is up to date

If any or all of the steps fail then it's time for you to throw the old spices away and invest in the newer ones.

Now you know how to check if your spice cabinet is up to date. But, now the question is, why is it important to keep your spices fresh?

Click here to know why?

5 reasons why it is important to keep spices FRESH.

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