Buying a Gift Card on Angadi of Spices

Gift cards, also known as Gift certificates are the best and perfect way to gift someone and it comes with the freedom and flexibility to choose a gift of their choice.


Angadi of Spices offers gift cards in the following denominations
250, 500 and 1000.


These are the perfect gifts to be given to anyone who has access to their own kitchen and cook their own food.. Hahahah. It is true.

This is one gift, which can never be wasted! Don't you agree with me?

Give it to your Mom, Your Dad, your Husband, your Wife, your Neighbours, your Friends and the list goes on..

Spread the love with this gift card and buy them something really useful.

How to get hold of our Gift Cards?

Even though it is referred as Gift Card, it is more of an online version.

Click on the below link

You buy these gift cards as you usually buy other products. Once you are done paying, you will receive the gift card in your email.

Note: These are not the physical cards. These are the codes you will receive it in your email which can be redeemed at an online/offline purchase

Read the below article to find out How to redeem the Gift Card that you bought on Angadi of Spices

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