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6 ways to cool down hot chocolate this summer

Summer may be here, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your love for chocolate drink!

We know that, hot chocolate is typically associated with colder weather, but there are many ways to make it refreshing and enjoyable in summer.

To have hot chocolate during summer or not is actually a question of personal preference. Many people enjoy hot beverage regardless of the season, like how we drink tea/chai or coffee in India, every single day irrespective of the season. 

If you enjoy hot beverage during summer that is great. But many may only crave it during colder months.

To begin with below given is the recipe to make the Hot Chocolate. Once the beverage is ready, then you can try the 6 different ways to have it cooler.


YouTube Video Link for the RECIPE

Direction to make a Perfect Hot Chocolate Milk:

  • Pour 240 ml of milk or one cup of milk into a pan.
  • Add 40 g or 3 scoops of the mix and stir it well.
  • Place the pan over medium heat and stir till all the chocolate buttons melt into the milk
  • Pour the rich and creamy hot chocolate into a mug and enjoy it with the topping of your choice!


Here are some of the different ways to cool down hot chocolate for the summer:


  1. Serve it over ice: Pour your hot chocolate over a glass filled with ice cubes for a refreshing and quick way to cool it down.
  2. Make it into a milkshake: Blend the hot chocolate with some vanilla ice cream and milk to create a decadent chocolate milkshake
  3. Chill it in the fridge: After you prepare the Hot Chocolate milk as per our recipe, you can store the prepared milk in the fridge to lower the temperature.
  4. Top it with whipped cream: Add a generous dollop of whipped cream to your hot chocolate to create a frothy and cool topping.
  5. Freeze it into popsicles: Pour the hot chocolate into popsicle molds and freeze for a sweet and icy treat.
  6. Make it into a slushie: Blend the hot chocolate with ice in a blender to create a slushie-like texture

Try these ideas to enjoy hot chocolate in a new and refreshing way this summer.

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