How do I store spices


If the spices are not fresh, it is as good as cooking with sawdust.

Spices are like organic materials and it is common knowledge that everything breaks down over a period of time and the same applies to spices as well. All we can do is to slow down the process by taking care of the way we store them.

Below mentioned are the three main concerns when it comes to storing the spices

Light - Spices will fade and get damaged if exposed to light over a period of time, therefore they should be kept away.
Humidity - Water should be kept away to stop the spices from decomposing through the action of bacteria and fungi.
Air - Air triggers chemical reactions where in oxygen in the air combines with the range of chemicals in the spices which in turn destroys the flavour we want in our food.

So below mentioned are the basic principles to be kept in mind for preserving the spices

  • Away from Sunlight to reduce chemical activity
  • Store it in a dry place which ensures there is no water and hence no decaying effects
  • Also make sure to not store the spices above the stove or oven

"Keep them in a cool, dry and dark place" - this is the Ideal Environment for the spices to remain fresh for the longest period of time

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