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A FREE Ebook - "Book of Spices - Junior Edition" To Help your child prepare for the QUIZ
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    "Date of the QUIZ will be announced once the registrations are complete and will be notified through your email id and phone number."

    Enhance your child's knowledge on Spices & Food. Build healthy food Habits & curiosity among children.
    Exposing children to spices & flavour introduces them to new tastes, setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy, adventurous eating habits.
    Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy. One of the ways to make children eat healthy in today's world is to involve them in the process. Take their help shopping food  ingredients, cooking together and eating together as a family etc. 
    Little More information about The Initiative

    Food-Smart Kids is an initiative by Angadi of Spices to spread awareness about food and its ingredients among children, to increase their curiosity about healthy food, naturally.
    A little nudge in the right direction can go a long way toward making healthier food choices. Steering our young children is what we can do best. Below shown picture tells us the answer to why should be make our children interested in learning more about food.

    If this concept excites you as a parent and want your children to be a Food-Smart Child then go ahead and register your Child, to show your interest in our initiative and also to participate in the Food quiz (the dates will be announced soon). 
    Taking action will set the stage for all the interesting future activities we are planning for your children.
    Once you register, you will get
    • A FREE Ebook - "Book of Spices - Junior Edition"
    • Exclusive Discount Code to be used on the Angadi of Spices website - https://angadiofspices.com/
    You also get early access to Spice-Kits for children
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